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Hi there,

I have finally decided to write a couple of words regarding the conflict between Russia and Georgia.
For the last few days we've been watching all available here TV channels. What we've seen was a very one-sided treatment of the questions. Special prize goes to CNN!

Today I have looked through the peoples' comments at the BBC forum...And let me share several comments with you. At least I've got some level of satisfaction.


It's Georgia not Russia attacked South Osetia at the eve of Olymic games ceremony(8th of august), is by itself international rule a crime and Mr. SAKASHVILI is a war criminal... Jacob, Toronto

Americans must leave off to supply with a weapon Georgia. To clean troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Then there will be the world. Rust, Washington

Hm, who do you think is getting the next Nobel Peace Prize? Condoleezza, George W? Miko

I was very disappointed with BBC the way you have reported this conflict. I have seen the breaking news that Russia attacked Georgia but why have not you reported the same way that Georgia attacked S. Ossetia? S
tsushko, Hampshire

Think: What if ? What if Russia had not invaded. South Ossetia had 70.000 inhabitants before Georgian troops opened fire on Aug. 8th, killing 1.600 civilians in about one day.
Michael Mauksch, Würzburg Germany

BBC = US Government propaganda. Mike, Liverpool

What can be done to restore peace in the region? US go home! Russians, you completed your task of 'protecting your people' in SO. SO is now yours. The rest of the globe will pretend that your intentions were sincere. Job done. Now, all of you go home!
Melina Cero, London, United Kingdom


15 авг, 2008 23:19 (UTC)
так что CNN не так плоха, просто слегка тормознута на правду


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